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Project featured on the “Worship in soundscape” exhibiton in Quai Branly Museum, Paris.
Project done in the “Architecture in Representation” class, led by Laurent Lescop


Once we’ve found the Abbey of Clairmont, we began our work on the patrimony; the purpose was to make a whole 3D model of the Abbey, remaining as accurate as possible troughout the architectural details, the colors of materials but also through the mistakes of time. We have therefore continued the survey work and 3D reconstruction for several months. First conventionally, recording the heights and widths of the different buildings ; then we made a photographic shoot of the abbeys facades and textures in order to operate a photomapping, to finally be able to apply the accurate textures of the buildings onto the 3D model. This phase was particularly complicated but was a necessary process to give meaning to the project and give it its immersive perception.

We are going to see how Clairmont is reinvented, throughout seasons, throughout years.

Once the abbey is restored, we imagine that it can become a place to host numerical and light art events and a theater stage, connected to the special Mayenne cultural calendar The Mayenne Nights, which offers contemporary installations in patrimonial buildings. We here have some existing artistic installations that we simply placed in Clairmont.

The immersive aspect of Unity has allowed us to test atmosphere, spatiality, but also sounds associated with our project. Our idea of a plant cloister implies a permanent evolution of life; the software allowed us to test the installation for 1 day, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or even 150 years .. Staging change and evolution in an abbey where time seems at a stand still. Unity is an immersive and interactive software accessible to students that allows real time strolling and undoes barriers between visitor and site.

January 2015
ENSA Nantes, France
Using Rhino, Unity 3D, 3ds max + Vray & Adobe Photoshop.
School Project