A Clockwork Retreat

Time. Speed. Contemplation.
Take a watch. Take off the bracelet. Remove the dial. Set aside the crown. Get rid of the second hand and the hour hand. Then only remains the mechanism and a needle. Our project is this needle. And you control the mechanism, take the time you don’t have.
Our proposal has only one goal: suspend time to beauty stroke.
In a world in motion, where the flight forward dominates, we will humbly make our user a master of time. To be precise: a master of his time.Put on its axis of rotation, the module will follow sun course upon the scenic panorama. At night, it will also be able to position itself in front of the aurora borealis. A motor will activate the mechanism of the base, similar to a watch mechanism. The user will have the controls.


Sketchup + Rhinoceros + Adobe Suite
Competition – “Northern light” by Bee Breeders